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The Personalised Experience


Pearl Promises is the first trendsetting online jewelry store in Singapore to offer first-rate Cultured Akoya Pearls, fresh from the Akoya Pearl Oyster. We believe in delivering exceptional customer service by creating a hands-on experience for customers and their loved ones: from opening your Oyster, to harvesting your very own Pearl, caring for your Pearl, and eventually have the Pearl worn as your crowning glory.  

Pearl Promises is starting out as a by invite/ appointment only event-based infotainment shopping experience, where all customers will also be brought through the basics of pearl care and maintenance. We believe in a well-rounded infotainment experience, combining education, entertainment, and having a sense of accomplishment from a single piece of jewelry that consumers can truly call their own. 

Pearls are like snowflakes and fingerprints; no two Pearls are the same. Similar to roses, every Pearl colour represents a different meaning. Picking a Pearl is as special as picking something that represents you, as unique as you. At Pearl Promises, we welcome you to pick an Oyster and make a wish upon a Pearl. 

May your Pearl Promises come true. 

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About: Meet The Team


Always in search of new adventures and experiences, Caryn is a hopeless romantic, who loves everything timeless and classic. A Certified Pearl Specialist with CPAA, Caryn set up Pearl Promises, which combines her passion for Pearls, business and creative artistry into a one stop shop where she believes Pearls and jewelry can be the new-age way of expressing and experiencing love. 

Love yourself, your family, your partner, and your friends. Love is a Promise and a commitment, a Promise which Caryn believes should be kept and cared for, very much like a Pearl.

Because a Promise made, is a Promise kept. 

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