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May 22, 2020

If you've joined us live at our Secret Reveal shucking on Facebook, you would have seen this first hand!

This "fit for royalty" Golden Totem Pearl Set, is now available for purchase! To continue our birthday month celebrations, this set will be sold at only $49 till 31 May 2020!

The Golden Totem Pearl Set includes:

- 1 Akoya Gold Pearl Oyster
- 1 Akoya Gold Pearl
- 1 Totem Pearl Charm
- 18" Italy Box Chain Necklace
- 1 Velvet Pouch

(Standard delivery is included, only till 31 May 2020.)

Don't miss out on this GOLDEN opportunity!


May 19, 2020

We are going back live on Facebook this Thursday, 21 May 2020, at 8.30pm, to reveal a secret!

Of course there will be shucking and harvesting involved, AND ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

We intend to kick virtual games up a notch, so instructions to stand a chance to win our giveaway will only be given after our secret is revealed.

Stay tuned, and we'll see you live with our Founder, Caryn Cheng, on Facebook @PearlPromisesCo in two days! It's gonna be an exciting ride...


May 02, 2020

Looking for a Mother's Day present?

Pearls of Wisdom is the way to go!

We will be having a naming ceremony for our LIMITED EDITION Mother's Day Pearl Charm on FB Live at 8.30pm on 8th May 2020.

This Mother's Day Home Pearl Kit, features the Limited Edition Pearl Charm, and your mum will be able to shuck her own Akoya Oyster, harvest her own Akoya Pearl and transform it into a necklace, all in the comfort of your own home!

For only $55, each Pearl Promises Mother's Day Home Pearl Kit comes with:

- 1 Akoya Pearl Oysters

- 1 Akoya Pearls (random colours)

- 1 Limited Edition Pearl Charm

- 18" Necklace

- 1 Velvet Pouch

- Delivery included

Pearl Promises a great delight for your mum on Mother's Day!

Look no further, your present shopping woes have been solved. You're welcome! 


May 02, 2020

With this Anniversary Pearl Starter Home Kit, you will be able to shuck your own Akoya Oyster, harvest your own Akoya Pearl and transform it into a necklace, all in the comfort of your own home, the PERFECT Circuit Breaker activity!

For only $39, each Pearl Promises Anniversary Pearl Starter Home Kit comes with:
- 1 Akoya Pearl Oysters
- 1 Akoya Pearls (random colours)
- 1 Helix Pearl Charm
- 18" Necklace
- 1 Velvet Pouch
- Delivery included


May 01, 2020

Join us LIVE on Facebook for the first time as we celebrate our Anniversary and Mother’s Day!

We will be shucking an oyster together and awarding the person who best names our limited edition charm with a very exciting gift! 

Need a present inspiration, or wanna win something for your Mummy? See ya on our Facebook page with our founder, Caryn Cheng, live at @PearlPromisesCo, 8th May 2020, 8.30pm!


updated on 10 October 2018

In just a few days, we are gearing up for our special launch. 

Because good things come in small packages, Pearl Promises has designed a special treat just for you.

From sketching to making of molds, and creating a Pearl Charm that holds true to our belief of preserving the quality of your Pearl, without drilling or mounting, we are proud to launch our Pearl Charm Earrings!

Two designs will be launched, with limited stock of 25 pairs per design.

Be the first to wear a unique exquisite design, and set your phone alarms for 15 October 2018! 


updated on 28 June 2018

July is a few days away, and we're gearing up for 20th July's Pearl Party. 

For the month of July, we're celebrating International Friendship Day!

With buddy fever in the air, we've put together Buddy Packages and Group Packages just for you and your homies!

$188 for 2 Pearl Party sets (usual $196)

$368 for 4 Pearl Party sets (usual $392)

If you would like to purchase One Pearl Party Set, join the Pearl Party and make new friends, you're more than welcome! Each set will be going for $98.

Every Pearl Party Set will include:

One Akoya Pearl Oyster (Random Colours of Classic White, Champagne, Pink, Lavender and Peacock)

One Helix charm

One necklace

One velvet pouch

Free flow red/white wine


So, ready to Pearl Party and have a great TGIF night out with your besties? Call up your BFFs and secure your Pearl Party Sets for a reason to drink, eat, be merry and Pearl Party: Shucking your Oysters and Harvesting your Pearls together!

We hope to see you and your buddies there!


Updated on: 8 June 2018

June babies, guess what...

Pearl is the birthstone of June! We are very excited because we are bringing in special Pearl Oysters for this upcoming special month...

The Peacock Pearl!

Our next Pearl Party is happening at SPRMRKT Robertson Quay, on 23 June 2018, 4-6pm!

This time, every Pearl Party Set will include a Peacock Pearl and a Helix Pearl Charm. 

Each party set will be going for only $98! 

Joining our Pearl Party and you're a June baby?

Claim your birthday gift (an Akoya Oyster) during our party! 

You ready to Pearl Party? See you there!


Updated on: 3 May 2018

We are having our very first Pearl Party on:

12 May 2018 (Sat)


SPRMRKT Robertson Quay, Level 2

and you are invited! Be the first ones in Singapore to experience harvesting a Pearl from an Oyster by yourself!

Join us as we go on an educational journey to learn more about Pearls and their origins, and while having joy and fulfillment at your fingertips, while we mingle, learn, and have fun curating your own Pearls and jewelry. 

It's an event where a workshop will be conducted by our founder and Pearl Specialist, Caryn Cheng. 

Every guest will go home with their very own Pearl and accessories, and the right to call themselves the first ones in Singapore to harvest their own Oyster.

Your seat will be guaranteed the moment you purchase a Pearl Party Set. Seatings are limited, so make sure you secure a spot as soon as possible!

See you there!


Updated on: 2 May 2018

There are a lot of things we take for granted; technology, material things, and even our own loved ones. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m guilty too. Hashtag: First World Problems, am I right?

Because of these things that we have been blessed with, the art of social interaction has changed, and the notion of the “personal touch” is lost. But I believe, as human beings, we fundamentally crave for the sentiment of care, of love, of the fulfillment of a promise.

I chose to launch Pearl Promises on Mother’s Day for a very special reason close to heart, which is also the fundamental driving force for me to start up this business. The official launch of Pearl Promises is a tribute to my mother, the late Christy Tan.

Can I tell you a story?

I grew up making jewelry with my mum, and that was one of the ways we would bond over girlie time: strings to make macrame necklaces, beads to weave into these necklaces, and the one gem my mum absolutely adored: Jade. Growing up, we would source for jade pieces and have them made into necklaces, bracelets, and even rings, without drilling through the piece of jade, and thus keeping the beauty, quality and value of the jade intact. My mum and I would wear these unique accessories out, feeling really proud of our handiwork, knowing that even if its design a similar to another which is being sold in the market, this one necklace was still going to be special to us, simply because that memory, time and effort we both put into making this necklace, holds a sentimental value to us. This was, to me, what made the necklace unique and priceless.

My mum passed away years ago, and till today, these jade pieces means the world to me. Sentiment, it’s a feeling that captures and nurtures love in one’s heart. It is an emotion that gives any gift, object and material product a value, far larger than what money can buy.

So, as a hopeless romantic (who believes that her soul belongs to the 1920s), I’ve combined my love for timeless fashion, classic designs, my passion to entertain and educate, and my favorite gemstone, Pearls, with my interest in business, to create an environment where at the Pearl Party, you can come on a journey with me to learn about the origins of Pearls, what makes Pearls so special, harvest your own Oyster to get to your own Pearl, and finally caring for and wearing your Pearl out as the accessory.

Through this experience, I Promise to create for you, your family and your friends, a memory to cherish, and a new found sense of fulfillment and sentiment, not only with the people around you, but also with a beautiful Pearl that you can truly call yours.

Because at Pearl Promises:
A Promise made, is a Promise kept.

Caryn Cheng
Founder of Pearl Promises
CPAA Certified Pearl Specialist

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